JamPlay: Online Video Guitar Lessons

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JamPlay is a relatively new program, but offers affordable high-quality video guitar lessons with over 5080 minutes of instruction from 7 real, professional instructors. This program caters to everyone, from the true beginner to the advanced guitarist, providing easy to follow lessons on practically every facet of the acoustic and electric guitar.

JamPlay Video Lesson

The true appeal of the JamPlay program is that it is not a one-time purchase, but rather an ongoing video lesson plan which is continually updated by instructors. Although there are already 80+ hours of video instruction currently available to members of the JamPlay program, their professional instructors are still producing new lessons–in fact, they offer a list of the most recent additions right on their home page.To accommodate any level of player, JamPlay offers guitar lessons in three phases, as explained on their site.

  • Phase 1: Basic Guitar Lessons For Beginners
  • Phase 2: Genre Lessons and Advanced Seminars
  • Phase 3: Learning Your Favorite Songs

As a beginner, you’ll learn the absolute basics of the guitar, gradually working your way to the more advanced lessons. In the genre specific phase, you’ll learn techniques and skills specific to the genre you enjoy most. JamPlay has instructors who focus on jazz guitar, rock, blues, bluegrass, classic and more, so you’re sure to find your own genre! In the last phase, JamPlay‘s instructors take requests for favorite songs from their members and offer instruction just for you. After you’ve learned the basics, and mastered techniques from your favorite genre, you can focus on learning all of the songs you enjoy playing!

We really feel the JamPlay program is a perfect option for those who are new to the guitar and want to start from the basics and work their way up. With engaging video guitar lessons at a seemingly endless supply, JamPlay is definitely worth checking out. To continue to JamPlay‘s site and read more about their program and its features, click here.