Jamorama: Beginner Lesson Package

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Jamorama, a program mainly focused toward beginning guitar players, is a fantastic value for its very low price of only $39.95. Although it may lack some of the ongoing instruction and community features of sites like JamPlay, it does offer a great framework for beginners. With this package you’ll receive an extensive package including e-books with beginner and advanced lessons, 1000s of lines of guitar tabs, and video lesson files.

If you’re looking for a package deal that can allow you to quickly dive into things while providing valuable tools, Jamorama may be the program for you. The two e-books included in this package deliver both beginner and advanced lessons, so you can make your way through the basics and then advance to more difficult guitar techniques. Jamorama also includes a ton of video lessons–148 total, to be specific–for those who learn better with video instruction. Let’s take a look at all of the features included:

  • 2 Instructional E-Books: Beginner and Advanced
  • 148 Step-by-Step Video Guitar Lessons
  • Guitar Learning Games: GuitEarIt, JaydeMusica
  • 26 Exclusive Jam Tracks
  • 1000s of Lines of Guitar Tabs
  • Bonus: Jayde Musica Pro, Guitar Tuner Pro, Jamorama Metronome

As you can see, Jamorama does offer a rather large amount of features and has been praised to have been worth the purchase simply for the bonus materials alone. The guitar learning games help students train their ear to identify guitar chords while JaydeMusica is designed to help read guitar music.

All in all, the Jamorama program is definitely a worthwhile option for a beginner student and makes learning guitar fun! To read more about this program, click here.