Learn Guitar With Our Recommended Programs

Learning how to play the guitar does not have to be difficult, and you don’t even need to hire an expensive instructor! With the power of the internet, you can learn to play the guitar like a pro all from the comfort of your own home!

We know it's difficult with so many products available online, and that's why we're working to bring you honest reviews of existing online guitar instruction programs so you can make the right decision.

 Learn and Master Guitar: For Serious Students

Rating: starstarstarstarstarLearn and Master Guitar

The Learn & Master Guitar series, by professional guitarist Steve Krenz, gets our 5 out of 5 star rating. It is simply the best package available currently for anyone serious about learning and mastering the guitar. As you can see, this learning system comes with an incredible amount of materials and is by far the most complete guitar instruction program around.

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 Team Method: Learn From Guitar Pros

Rating: starstarstarstarhalf starTeam Method Guitar Program

The concept behind the Team Method Guitar system is that students naturally learn better and more thoroughly from a team of professional teachers rather than one instructor. The author of this program and team leader, Ben Edwards, has thus compiled a team of master guitar players to serve as instructors and teach you an extensive list of skills and styles to take your guitar playing to an entirely new level.

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 JamPlay: Online Video Guitar Lessons

Rating: starstarstarstarblank star

JamPlay is a relatively new program, but offers affordable high-quality video guitar lessons with over 5080 minutes of instruction from 7 real, professional instructors. This program caters to everyone, from the true beginner to the advanced guitarist, providing easy to follow lessons on practically every facet of the acoustic and electric guitar.

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 Jamorama: Beginner Lesson Package

Rating: starstarstarhalf starblank starJamorama Box

Jamorama, a program mainly focused toward beginning guitar players, is a fantastic value for its very low price of only $39.95. Although it may lack some of the ongoing instruction and community features of sites like JamPlay, it does offer a great framework for beginners. With this package you’ll receive an extensive package including e-books with beginner and advanced lessons, 1000s of lines of guitar tabs, and video lesson files.

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